Photos from our 5th Anniversary Celebration

On Monday, November 16, SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement celebrated its 5th anniversary with an evening that highlighted a few of its programs and partnerships that have been developed over the years.

Indigenous Graduate Student Coordinator, Rupert Richardson, along with a small group of community members opened the evening with a performance featuring SFU’s Big Drum. The drum was created by Jon Sam, a member of the Northern Tashone tribe and Wolf Clan, for the SFU community.

The second performance featured a work-in-progress performance by Carnegie Dance Troupe and Karen Jamieson Dance.

SFU Fifth Ann 49

SFU Fifth Ann 40

SFU Fifth Ann 39

SFU Fifth Ann 38

SFU Fifth Ann 32

DTES Flamenco also performed live at the event, amazing the crowd with their refined moves and stunning vocals.

SFU Fifth Ann 16

SFU Fifth Ann 29

SFU Fifth Ann 25

SFU Fifth Ann 18

The event closed with an intimate, interactive performance by the Woodward’s Community Singers. Attendees were led through a series of popular and folks songs, finishing the evening on a high note.

SFU Fifth Ann 5

SFU Fifth Ann 2